Coins For Bag Heads

Coins For Bag Heads

Shoot open coin boxes for money in order the win the love of a cute girl bag head.

Rating: 9   

Plays: 22861
Achievements   (Sign Up to complete Achievements)
Super Soaker Delight   (5 points)
Purchase a super soaker squirt gun.

Making Bank   (6 points)
Attain $10,000 of coins.

Bag Head Lovin   (15 points)
Win the love of Girl Bag Head in under 10 minutes.


     2014-11-14 14:12:09
     2014-05-15 01:09:31
  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww   2014-03-30 15:44:54
  Garfithell   2014-03-27 17:40:46
 the girl is boy!!
  mateusz220   2014-03-27 13:08:20
 messy no 40/40
  nindriod1452   2014-03-24 15:37:31
 this game is gay
  awseoln   2014-03-23 17:59:52
 lol all that and its a man i would have started shooting him with the bolling ball gun